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Please Support The Jowo Rinpoche

Funding Our Goal
The creation of the U.S. Jowo Rinpoche statue was only possible because of the incredible generosity of people of many nationalities in the Boston area and beyond. Unfortunately, the rented quarters it occupies are too small for it physically and spiritually. In its present location, the Jokhang Temple simply cannot fulfill its mission of welcoming all the people who would benefit from being in the Jowo Rinpoche’s presence. There is simply no room for the other important activities and facilities planned by the Temple to serve the comunity.

We hope you will visit the Jowo Rinpoche and be inspired to donate as much as you can to the U.S. Jowo Building Fund. You will be helping to create a permanent place of healing and light in this country to benefit all. In the future, people will know that, even if they cannot travel to Tibet, there is a holy site nearby where they can walk the path to Enlightenment and share its blessings with the nation.

Become part of our mission, a donation in any amount would be greatly appreciated.

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Donate by Phone: (888) 390-5580
Donate by Mail: make check payable to:
  Jokhang Temple Building Fund
  15 Bartlett Avenue
  Arlington, MA 02476


The Jokhang Temple is a non-profit organization for tax deduction information,
contact Alexis at (888) 390-5580 or DM|C Crowdsource Page