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The Future Vision for the Jokhang Temple

Our Vision for the Future

By creating a Tibetan Buddhist pilgrimage site in the United States, the Jokhang Temple has taken a huge step in making Tibet's precious spiritual treasures available to the West, as well as helping Tibetan wisdom take root in a land outside of geographical Tibet, where it is imperiled.

In keeping with the Jokhang Temple's mission -- to provide a sacred spiritual space and educational facilities -- the vision includes a permanent location along with exhibit and performance space. The ideal new location for the Temple is on a property close to the Boston area with land for a large shrine room and meditation hall, retreat area, and guest housing. There are also plans to build a Bardo room -- the first in the U.S. The new location will host large retreats, empowerments and teachings by visiting and resident Tibetan spiritual masters. Generations to come will be able to benefit from what is planned.

Already under way are an established community of dedicated Tibetan Buddhist practitioners, the accessibility of the U.S. Jowo Rinpoche statue with viewing hours, weekly Buddhist spiritual practices, visiting spiritual masters, and a budding reference and research library. We look forward to developing relationships within the local community, adding to the harmonies within our American diversity.

This will be a broad-based and long-range process as the Jokhang Temple evolves into a thriving educational and spiritual resource for the future. We hope you can join us in and benefit from our vision!